New iPhone concept looks surprisingly realistic

There’s been no shortage of iPhone mockups this year. Graphic designers are constantly releasing renderings of what they think Apple’s next smartphone should look like. Heck, we’ve even seen a fair amount of video concepts.

But while a number of these mockups tend to border on fantasy, this new design focuses on realism.‘s creative director Toby Kick brings his vision for the new iPhone to life using only the most feasible of features…

And the result, as you can see, looks pretty good. In line with recent reports, Kick’s new iPhone features a larger, 4-inch Retina display and a slimmer profile. It also has the rumored aluminum backside and 4G LTE compatibility.

Of course, not everything in this concept echoes the consensus of the tech world. For example, notice the extra row of horizontal icons. Recent speculation is settling on the new iPhone having a taller display, not wider.

It’s also worth pointing out the larger status bar at the top of the handset. Admittedly, it looks cool. But it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to add an extra half inch to the iPhone’s display, and then take up a large portion of that with a retooled status bar.

Regardless, in the sea of iPhone concepts with 5-inch 3D holographic displays and 20MP cameras, this one stands out for its attempt at realism. And to be honest, we wouldn’t be the least bit disappointed if Apple’s next smartphone looked like this.

What do you think?