Google Schemer for iPhone launches, begins recommending stuff

Google has today launched a new app, Google Schemer, which may just make us all that little bit more active and, hopefully, happier to boot.

Let’s get this out of the way first: no, we had never heard of Google Schemer, either. In typical Google fashion, Schemer appears to be some sort of beta that is open to everyone, and promises to suggest things to do, or Schemes, based on what you have told it you like. Interestingly, it can also use the weather, time of day and location as metrics for deciding what to recommend. Piqued your interest?

Now that Google Schemer has found its way off of Android and on to iOS, things are beginning to get interesting…

Google Schemer allows you to plug in some of the things that you are scheming to do. That may be something simple like going bowling, or checking out a restaurant, or something more ambitious like painting your first mural. Google Schemer helps to keep track of these things and, more importantly, suggests new schemes based on what you have already done.

The service can also recommend new schemes based on the time of day, so you won’t see suggestions for golf, say, at 11pm when it is raining. We like that. A lot.

Google Schemer itself is all very interesting, but that isn’t the most striking part of its release. What is worth bearing in mind is that Google is now apparently much more focused on bringing mobile, app-based versions of its services to iOS than it has been to date. The Google+ app, for example, is seeing more regular updates and is also receiving new features and a fancy user interface that are not always reaching Android simultaneously. It is an interesting development, and one that can only be a good thing for us iPhone users.

As for Google Schemer, we expect to see it killed off and rolled into Google+ by the end of the year.

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