Touchtype is a Kickstarter-powered case for your iPad and Apple keyboard

We’ve already admitted to being unabashed fans of Kickstarter here at iDB. What’s not to like? It’s a great way for inventors and designers to get their ideas into the hands of users when they don’t have the means to set up shop on their own. If the product in question is something that is truly unique and a sleeper hit, then we see something truly magical and the project gets funded almost instantly.

The Touchtype iPad case is one such situation.

Another iPad case, you say? We’ve all got cases already, we don’t need another. Well, that’s possibly true. But what about an iPad-cum-keyboard case that actually works? Things just got interesting…

Designed by Salman Sajid, the Touchtype promises to offer something a little more interesting than the plethora of iPad cases that are already out there filling every corner of eBay and computer stores worldwide. What the Touchtype case does is offer the additional feature of also housing an Apple wireless keyboard, making it perfect for road-warriors who don’t want to resort to carting a notebook around.

Cases that sport room for both an iPad and a keyboard are nothing new, but the Touchtype might actually work for us, if only because the keyboard itself is not kept in front of the iPad itself, meaning the tablet is always easily accessible without having to man handle the keyboard out of the way – something that has put us off many cases in the past.

As is always the case with Kickstarter projects, the best way to learn about the Touchtype is to watch the video that accompanies the project, where Salman explains the whole thing better than we probably could.

Backers can get into the Touchtype case for $47, with more expensive options getting you additional color choices and the option of a leather finish.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on the Touchtype case, but considering the project has already blasted through its modest $2,500 goal and is currently sat at a respectable $18,000, we suspect this isn’t the last we have heard about both the case and the project owner.

Well done that man.