$99 iPhone sleeve gives you free 4G internet

Are you an iPhone user suffering from 4G envy? Well FreedomPop is looking to change that with its new 4G iPhone sleeve. The add-on will allow you to use your Apple-branded handset to browse the internet at “top speeds.”

But what’s really interesting about FreedomPop’s accessory is the fact that it will include somewhere in the neighborhood of 500MB of monthly bandwidth. Yeah, they’re giving away free internet with every purchase…


As you can see in the video demo above, 4G doesn’t mean LTE. The iPhone Sleeve uses towers from Clearwire and other services and averages between 5MB and 10MB download speeds — more along the lines of HSPA+.

FreedomPop is currently taking a limited number of pre-orders on its website. The sleeve will cost you $99 initially and the company says that it expects to start shipping the product by the end of the summer.

Would you carry your iPhone around in this case for 500MB of free internet?