Kanex outs AirPlay mirroring adapter for legacy projectors lacking HDMI ports

AirPlay, a wireless content streaming technology from Apple, has become indispensable in my daily computing. Whenever I feel like watching movies, enjoying my photos, listening to some music and even playing certain games, I usually AirPlay whatever is currently displayed on my iPhone 4S or iPad 3 to my plasma TV, through the Apple TV.

But what about presenting in conference rooms equipped with old-school VGA projectors lacking HDMI port? Apple makes the $29 VGA adapter, but who wants to walk around the room holding an iPad hooked up to a projector via the cable?

Enter ATV Pro Adapter, a nice little dongle from Kanex that connects to your Apple TV’s HDMI port on one side, converting digital output to analogue signal fed to your legacy projectors’ VGA port…

As a result, your old-school VGA projector can magically use AirPlay mirroring from an iPad or iPhone 4S to Apple TV, eliminating the need for pricey HDMI projection equipment upgrades. It also has a built in 3.5mm audio jack and supports audio via AirPlay.

Here, a look from a different angle.

The dongle gives you the freedom to move around while presenting, provided you also carry an Apple TV as part of your presenter’s gear.

The ATV Pro Adapter is a $59 value and can be purchased on the Kanex web store.