How about this gorgeous speaker dock for your iPad by Jean Michel Jarre?

Jean Michel Jarre, a composer, performer and music producer, may be best-known for his trademark new-age sound and a penchant for lavish concerts that dazzle fans with fireworks and spectacular light equipment rocking the out-of-this-world laser shows (and that was back in 1986).

What you might not have known is that this 63-year-old French also runs Jarre Technologies, a cutting-edge brand for high-end home entertainment products and technological lifestyle.

The AeroPod Two is the latest in prosumer speaker dock technology to come out from Jarre Technologies. There’s a lot to like about this product, especially if you’re fond of elegant designs akin to Apple’s. The beast of a speaker dock is a whopping 34 inches wide, but wait ’till you hear the price…

Th AeroPod Two comes with four 30-watt speakers and an 80-watt subwoofer. It’s huge, measuring 86cm in width and 30cm in depth, and weighs in at ten kilos, or 22 lbs. The exquisite design calls for the use of stainless steel with chromium finishing for the back and bottom.

The system is equipped with the standard 30-pin dock connector to connect and charge your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. There’s also an auxiliary input for 3.5mm mini-jack. Additionally – and this is a nice touch – it accepts standard USB flash drives with WMA, AIFF, WAVE and MP3 files on them.

What’s best, swiveling your iPad around into landscape orientation effectively turns the speaker dock system into a mini home movie theater of sorts, as depicted in the below press shot.

Available in pitch black, snow white and bamboo flavors, the AeroPad Two will set you back a whopping €699 (US price was not know at press time). It comes with a two-year warranty and can be pre-ordered, with delivery starting from September 2012.

The hump on the back? That’s your subwoofer!

I’ve always admired Jarre’s work, ever since my childhood, so this one’s a no-brainer for me – save for its outrageous asking price.

I mean, nearly a thousand buck for a speaker dock?

Thanks, but I’ll pass…

What do you think, is this high-end speaker dock overpriced or what?

[via Cult of Mac]