Confirmed: French designer Philippe Starck working on Apple Store design

The Applesphere is going crazy this morning after French designer Philippe Starck revealed in an interview with Le Figaro that he’s been working on a revolutionary project with Apple, a project that should see light of the day in 8 months.

The first thing that comes to mind of course is the Apple TV set that has been feeding the rumor mill for a few months now. I believe everyone has been reading too much into Starck’s interview, and we actually got a confirmation earlier today that he is not working on designing a product for Apple.

So if he’s not designing the next iPhone or the Apple TV set, what relationship does Philippe Starck have with Apple?

According to a trustworthy source in France, Philippe Starck is actually working on a design for a future Apple Store. I wasn’t able to get more details out of my contact, but I do trust her. And from what I hear, this is hardly a secret in the small French world of design and architecture.

In his interview, Philippe Starck claims that he used to meet with Steve Jobs in Palo Alto once a month, pretending they were very good friends. Now that Steve Jobs passed away, Starck claims that he’s meeting with his wife.

Philippe Starck has been designing pretty much everything, from houses to consumer products such as tooth brushes. It wouldn’t be surprising if he also had plans to design an accessory of some kind for Apple.

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