Angry Birds Space downloaded ten million times in less than three days

Rovio Mobile, the brains behind the crazy addictive Angry Birds series, surely knows how to milk a franchise. In less than three days of its launch last Thursday morning, Angry Birds Space has been downloaded ten million times, the company tweeted. You’d expect Apple to put these kind of numbers rather than a game developer.

However, note that Angry Birds Space simultaneously launched on the iOS, Android, Mac and PC app stores and we’re talking about a gaming series that has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning plush toys, costumes (even bra), animated TV series and allegedly coming to Hollywood as well.

Angry Birds Space costs 99 cents a pop over at the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch version. Angry Birds Space HD for iPad is also available, priced at $2.99.

Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka caused quite a commotion with a blog post warning that Angry Birds Space will not launch on on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. However, Rovio changed their mind as Vesterbacka told Reuters a day later that “We are working towards getting Angry Birds Space to WP7”.

Angry Birds Space feature additional characters and a brand new physics engine, in addition to the new Space Eagles power-up. The game launched with 60 levels, but more will be coming via free updates. Some of my friends are complaining that Angry Birds Space is just more of the same.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

The other day, I stayed up late playing Angry Birds Space on my iPad and I think the inclusion of gravity adds a whole new twist to the already successful series.

What about you? Played Angry Birds Space yet? Did you like it?