Apple brings community Q&A to online store

Apple already has one of the most customer friendly shopping experiences around with its online store. An easy to navigate UI combined with pages full of information and a great customer support staff make it one of the best. Today, Apple has added a new element in hopes of making things a bit easier when you’re buying your new iPhone or iPad online.

Apple has introduced an ‘Answers from the community’ section that allows customers to ask any question and get quick responses from fellow Apple fanboys. For more direct questions, this new section of the site should be of more assistance than Apple’s support forums…

Some questions about the new iPad for instance include, “Will the smart cover work with the new iPad?” and “Should I get the iPad 2 or the New iPad?”. Fellow customers can then offer an answer, much like Apple’s support forums.

Apple has only made sections available for its Mac, iPhone, and iPad products. For some reason, the Cupertino-based company decided to leave out the iPod and Apple TV from the mix.

Apple’s latest solution to help customers certainly seems to be a great idea. Fellow customers seem to offer the best insight, instead of getting the answer from a biased employee.

What do you think of the new Q&A section?

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