Sprint commits to buying 24 million iPhones from Apple


Sprint is the most recent carrier to have gained Apple’s iPhone on its network, after paying big bucks. According to its 10-K filing with the SEC released this morning, Sprint has committed to buying almost $15.5B worth of iPhones from Apple, The Next Web points out.

Asymco figured that each iPhone is sold for roughly $630 ARPU from Apple to Sprint. This means, Sprint has committed to buying almost 24 million iPhones…

Sprint has made note that it expects revenue to be down in 2012, as the carrier works to turn a profit for the big iPhone buyout. Sprint expects to sell the 24 million units sometime in the next 4 years.

Carrying the iPhone for Sprint is actually a pretty big deal to the company. On the Sprint iPhone’s opening day, it set the record for highest sales day for Sprint. The carrier also sold a total of 1.8 million iPhones last quarter.

Are you one of the Sprint iPhone owners?

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