The Curved iPhone 5

If there is something I never get tired to look at – and repin on Pinterest – it’s design concepts for future Apple products. Of course, these concepts have nothing to do with what the next iPhone or iPad will look like, they are nonetheless very interesting to look at, if like me, you like creative things.

Coming from the same people that brought us the iPhone Air concept, comes a new concept that puts a curve on the iPhone 5…

Unlike other concepts we’ve seen before, I believe this one is highly unrealistic. Apple would never go for such an extreme design.

Although interesting to look at, I’m not completely sold on the design. The curved back panel makes this iPhone a very unstable one when laid on its back. Also, the headphone jack on the side is very unlikely because not practical.

A major benefit of the curved design would probably be its ergonomy, fitting well in your hands, making it a very comfortable device to hold.

But again, this is just a concept, and although beautifully designed, I still hope the next iPhone looks anything like this.

What do you think?

[Ciccaresedesign via 9to5Mac]