i0n1c gives advice to prepare for iOS 5.1 jailbreak, or does he really?

iOS hacker i0n1c came out of a long period of silence to tweet about a future iOS 5.1 jailbreak and a piece of advice to get ready for it.

According to a rather sarcastic tweet sent a few hours ago, i0n1c recommends everybody downloads KakaoTalk Messenger, a free application in the App Store that apparently hides some mysterious features, namely an exploitable vulnerability that can be used for an iOS 5.1 jailbreak…

Is he really being sarcastic though? This sarcastic tweet might just be another way for him to tease us with an exploit that doesn’t exist. But if it’s not sarcasm, then why mention an iOS 5.1 exploit at all?

iOS 5.1 is rumored to be released next month when the iPad 3 launches. It will likely patch any exploit used for the untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak that was unveiled last month. New devices sold in store will then come with iOS 5.1, leaving those new owners without a jailbreak. This trick shared by i0n1c will apparently help.

Even though i0n1c has proved to be very helpful for the jailbreak community in the past, he has also proved to be somewhat of a troll at times, teasing people about exploits and jailbreaks that never materialized, just to generate buzz. Before people start flaming me for calling him a troll, let me tell you that I have had conversations with very influential people in the jailbreak space that feel the same way. So clearly, this isn’t just me.

But I might be wrong, and hopefully I am. In the meantime, it would still be a wise thing to download KakaoTalk Messenger, just in case I’m just a bad mouthed blogger who’s completely wrong about i0n1c’s attention.

For what it’s worth, i0n1c’s tweets were retweeted by MuscleNerd, giving a little more credit to his claims.