This iPhone App Has a Secret Tethering Feature [Updated]

A few days ago, we told you about QuasiDisk, an app with a hidden tethering feature that sneaked into the App Store. The app was quickly pulled after being publicized on a gazillion blogs.

Today, we learned about yet another app that got through Apple’s strict approval process, hiding a tethering Easter egg. The app is called iRandomizer Numbers. It’s available in the App Store for $4.99…

On the surface, iRandomizer Numbers is a random number generator. However, if you enter “1984” in the minimum field and “31337” in the maximum field then tap “generate”, a tethering configuration screen will appear.

When contacted by Information Week, Nick Kramer, the developer of the app, claimed that:

“Reluctantly, I will admit that my application ‘iRandomizer Numbers’ does have a hidden tethering feature,” he wrote. “I say reluctantly because I didn’t plan on the feature being released. I designed the tethering functionality for my family and close friends not thinking it would be disseminated outside that circle.”

If interested, you should download iRandomizer Numbers before Apple pulls the plug on this app.

UPDATE: The app has been pulled from the App Store. It only took them 24 hours. [Thanks Andrew for the heads up]