Mini Apple Stores Coming Soon to a Target Near You

Target has announced that it will be adding “Mini Apple Stores” to 25 of its retail locations. Last week rumors were circulating that Target was going to be adding Apple stores to its locations throughout the US, and those rumors have been confirmed.

When Target adds the Apple stores, it will very similar to the Best Buy layout customers there currently experience..

The mini-stores will be essentially an extended display, giving Apple products more floor space. Target hasn’t yet commented on when it will start to add mini stores and if it will be selling other Apple products, such as Macs. As of right now, you can purchase an iPhone, iPod, and iPad from a Target store.

When Target announced that it will be adding Apple mini stores, it also announced a new program called “The Shops at Target.” This program will allow extended floor space for certain companies for a period of six weeks. Target has said that Apple is not participating in that program and that the mini stores are permanent.