Apple Reveals Official iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud International Availability

There has been some confusion recently over Apple’s latest iTunes and iCloud venture, iTunes Match. The service, which allows users to basically sync their local music libraries with Apple’s servers, was originally made available only in the United States. Since then, there have been one or two false starts across the globe, with some now having access when they possibly should not.

In order to clear things up, Apple has taken the step of announcing which countries do officially have access to iTunes Match.

At the same time, Apple has also announced which territories have access to iTunes in the Cloud – allowing customers to re-download content multiple times across devices – as well as clarifying which types of content the service offers across the globe…

Right now, according to Apple, 17 countries now have access to iTunes Match, with the US, UK, Canada, Australia ,and France included. Interestingly, Brazil is not in Apple’s list, although we have had reports that customers in the country can actually access iTunes Match. Maybe Apple didn’t clarify things quite as much as we had thought!

iTunes in the Cloud is now online in 126 countries, though the vast majority of those do not have the ability to re-download music. All of those 126 countries do, however, have the ability to re-download books from the iBookstore and apps from the App Store.

Full information can be found at Apple’s support document page.

[Cult of Mac]