Consume 2.0 Released to Help You Track Your Usage on the iPhone and iPad

Bjango, the company behind great apps like iStat, has released Consume 2.0 in the App Store. The huge update introduces an iPad version of the popular usage tracker and iCloud support.

Consume is a gorgeous app that lets you easily track your data usage, packages, and even reward cards. Version 2.0 makes an already-fantastic app even better.

Keep track of your usage for your mobile phone, broadband, packages, toll cards, rewards cards and more with the best usage app on the app store. Consume features a stunning interface plus more than 250 providers from 18 countries, Including AT&T, Orange, O2, Fido, Rogers, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin, 3 and many more.

Consume is powered by plain text configuration files known as ‘Recipes’ that tell it how to find your usage. In the event that a provider changes there usage page or API, Consume can download updated Recipes. This means provider issues can often be fixed within minutes.

The new update introduces iCloud integration for syncing your accounts between iOS devices. iPad users can enjoy Consume with an optimized interface. Other improvements, like improved provider searching, usage history graphs, better package tracking, etc. are also included.

We’re huge fans of Bjango’s work, and Consume is the best app out there for tracking data usage. iPad 3G owners will be able to easily track their usage, and the app’s built-in package tracker can be used to its full potential on any iOS device.

You can buy Consume 2.0 as a universal download in the App Store for $2.99.