Review and Giveaway: 3 Xtand Go White Car Mounts For the iPhone [Update: Winners Announced]

Our friends at Just Mobile have partnered with us to give away 3 brand new Xtand Go White car mounts for the iPhone. You may recall that we told you about the Xtand Go several weeks ago, and now we’re ready to give 3 of them away to lucky iDB readers.

This flexible, versatile car mount for the iPhone sells for about $40 normally, and the new white version is not yet officially available in the US. The winners of this giveaway will be some of the first people in the US to get an Xtand Go White!


I’ve had the pleasure of using the Xtand Go White over the past couple of weeks, and I think there’s a couple important things to relate if you’re interested in the product. The Xtand Go is a very flexible mount in the sense that it can twist and turn to accommodate whatever angle you want. The mount’s suction cup will stick to your windshield or dashboard, but I found that I needed to use one of the included sticky strips to get a good grip on my car’s dash.

For traveling long distances, the Xtand Go is the perfect car mount. It’s easy to use your iPhone as a GPS or play music from the Music app inside the Xtand, but you’ll probably not want to use the mount for simply traveling around town.

The mount’s main axis is very sold and features a lock to keep it in place, but the second axis that keeps your iPhone suspended towards you is not easily lockable. I found that plugging my music cord into my iPhone for playback through my car stereo resulted in the mount twisting and contorting as the cord pulled it downwards. I had to wrap the cord around the back of the mount a couple of times to relieve the pressure on the mount’s axis. Again, it’s good for a long trip, but setting up the audio cord to play music in the car for a quick drive is too cumbersome.

You’ll want to use the Xtand Go White with a naked iPhone, as it will not fit inside the mount with an Apple bumper or other case. Just Mobile includes some sticky tabs that you can attach to the back of your iPhone to use the mount with a case, but if you’re like me, you don’t want to deface your iPhone with a little bulge on the device’s back. For the Xtand, a naked iPhone is the way to go. Not a big deal if you use an Apple bumper like me — that case is easy to pop off.


Now that you know a little about the Xtand Go White, here’s how you can win your own:

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We’ll pick 3 winners at the beginning of next week. Good luck!

Update: We’ve selected and contacted the winners via DM on Twitter. Check your Twitter inbox to see if you won. Thanks to everyone that participated and Just Mobile.