iPad vs. Lava Isn’t Really a Fair Fight

Some people aren’t happy unless they are destroying things. We’ve already witnessed the various “will it blend” videos showing Apple hardware being subjected to the inside of a blending machine, but the latest method of destroying an iPad really takes the cake.

For a reason we have yet to fathom, iDevice accessory maker ZooGue’s CEO thought it would be a good idea to see what happens when you dip an iPad 2 into lava. Yes, you did read that right…

At first, the iPad 2 just displayed a warning message saying that the device was too hot. Things quickly heated up.


Bored with playing around, the company’s CEO, Tim Angel, then decided to drop the poor iPad face first into the lava. Unsurprisingly, flames and smoke were the last thing the iPad’s camera ever saw. Game Over.

Why Angel decided this was a good idea, we’re not really sure, but the marketing for his company is aimed at giving away free cases. We doubt that those cases will protect against the fiery clutches of your neighborhood volcano.

What weird and wonderful ways of destroying technology can you think of?