Just Mobile’s Gum Max Supercharges Your iPhone and iPad On the Go

Our friends at Just Mobile have announced the Gum Max portable battery for Apple’s line of iDevices. The stylish, portable battery has more than enough juice to fully charge any device that sports an Apple dock connector or mini-USB port.

The Gum Max’s aluminum shell and LED indicators help it fit in perfectly with your other Apple products and accessories, and the battery itself can be easily stored in a large pocket or laptop bag.

Priced at $109.95, the Gum Max packs 10,400mAh of power. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can be fully charged via the battery’s Apple dock connector, but other types of smartphones with mini-USB connectors can also be charged. Eight LED indicators line the Gum Max to let you know how much juice the extra battery has left.


If you travel frequently or always seem to be away from a power outlet, the Gum Max is the perfect tool for making sure you never run out of precious battery life. Having a fully charged backup in your bag can prove to be invaluable.

The Gum Max can be ordered for $109.95 on the Just Mobile website.