Introducing the iHome iP4 iPhone Boombox, For Those That Missed the 80s

Every so often something comes across our radar that requires a double-take. Rarely, it requires even further attentions because, well, we just can’t quite believe our eyes.

The iHome iP4 fits that bill rather nicely, while offering the world’s most ugliest¬†iPhone speaker dock in the process.¬†The kicker? The iP4 will set you back a whopping $199.99, should you desire to purchase a boombox for your iPhone…

Unfortunately, iHome has only provided renders of the two available colors, Muted Grey and Neon Pink. Those old enough to remember the ghetto beat-blasters of the late 80s will immediately recognize the form factor of the iHome iP4, and may even like it! The monster weighs in at 7.5lbs and 17.81″ wide, and 9.06″ high.

iHome says that its iP4 will work with just about any iPod or iPhone ever made, thanks to its flexible dock, which is nice.

So, what do you think? Will you be heading out with this balanced precariously on your shoulder, or will it have the pride to place it on your desk?

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