A Look at Yahoo’s New Livestand iPad App

Yahoo was once the most visited web portal on the internet, but it has had a rough last couple of years. In an industry where companies are transitioning into the mobile arena at breakneck speeds, Yahoo has struggled to stay relevant.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not trying. Yahoo recently unveiled several new mobile applications at its Product Runway event. There were a couple of notable titles, but the star of the show had to be the Flipboard-like app for the iPad, Livestand…

Here’s an excerpt from its App Store description:

“Livestand is your living magazine app, where the news and stories you care about come to life with visually stunning photos and videos. Explore its publications for breaking headlines, celebrity news, sports, or whatever you’re into — as you’ve never seen it. You’ll lose yourself for hours with its electrifying images and captivating content. Livestand is the ultimate tapping, scrolling, and swiping magazine experience.”

The app’s standout feature has to be its customizable “All About You” section. It enables you to get your local weather, stock updates, and horoscope on a single page. You can even create a mix of your favorite news topics. It’s like reading a personalized newspaper.

Livestand is built specifically for the iPad, meaning photos and videos are tailored for the tablet. And if you’re patient enough to sift through Yahoo’s forced-content, you may actually start to like it.

Livestand for iPad is available in the App Store for free.