Download the “Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant” eBook

Steven Sande and Erica Sadun of TUAW have created an Amazon Kindle eBook titled, “Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant.”

With all of the posts, tips, roundups, etc. about Siri that have been floating around the internet lately, this book is a helpful and concise resource for discovering how to make the most of Apple’s spunky assistant in the iPhone 4S.

Talking to Siri introduces you to Siri. This short, focused book teaches you how to use Siri from the ground up. You’ll learn how to achieve the the highest recognition rate as you talk. You’ll discover which categories Siri responds to and find out how to make the most of each category in your conversations. You’ll discover practical how-to mixed with many examples to inspire as well as instruct.

Tutorials show you how to set up Siri in your preferences, and how to manage the interactive conversations you have with your voice assistant. You’ll learn how to perform tasks by topic: such as checking the weather, doing math, or looking up information on the web.

You’ll read about:

* Creating notes
* Searching for contacts
* Going shopping with Siri
* Creating reminders and checking your calendar
* Replying to text messages and sending mail to groups
* Searching Wikipedia
* Monitoring the Stock Market
* Performing dictation
* The lighter side of Siri
* Siri security
and more…!

The book only costs $4.99, and it’s sure to be an interesting read for anyone interested in Siri. You can buy it now on Amazon and read it on your iPhone or iPad in the free Kindle app. There’s also a decent-sized sample reading available so that you can get a taste of what you would be buying. The book looks very informative.

Who’s excited about reading more on Siri? I know that I can’t wait to get started.