Apple Retail Stores to Begin Offering In-Store Pickup for Online Orders

We’ve all wanted to order a new Apple product online, but have not wanted to wait for it to via companies like UPS. Wouldn’t it be much easier if we could just place an order and then go to a local store to pick it up?

If a MacRumors source is to be believed, we could be doing just that at some point in the near future, with the trial program known as ‘Sherwood’ getting underway.

The system, the report claims, will include any product currently available via the online Apple Store, including built-to-order Macs and engraved iPods…

If things go according to plan, products carried by the Apple Store will be available on the same day the order is placed, whereas more customized items will obviously need to be sent to the store a little after the order is placed.

One of the main pitfalls with ordering any product online is the wait for the courier to arrive, with most customers not able to sit around all day waiting. This new system would negate that issue, with customers able to collect in-store at their will, without the fear of the product they want being out of stock.

Apple also plans to allow online orders to be returned to a physical Apple Store as part of the move, removing another roadblock to ordering online: having to send things back if they need to be returned.

The trial is believed to include a few stores to begin with, and more will come online as the kinks are ironed out.

We know we’d make great use of the ability to order online and collect in-store. Wouldn’t you?