iCloud.com Updated, No Longer Marked “Beta”

Apple is in the middle of one of its busiest weeks in recent memory. It’s releasing multiple major software updates, including iOS 5, and it’s launching a major sync and storage service. Oh, and it has to deliver a million iPhone 4S orders by Friday.

Apple kickstarted the festivities yesterday afternoon by rolling out iTunes 10.5. Now the company has moved on to iCloud, giving the service’s website a noticeable update. Along with a new login screen (above), iCloud.com also lost its ‘beta’ status… 

For those who aren’t familiar, iCloud.com is the web portal for Apple’s new iCloud service. This enables you to access iCloud-synced information like contacts, calendar, and even email from a web browser anywhere in the world.

Though the website has been updated, and is no longer marked as beta, it may still not work for folks on non-developer accounts. iCloud itself has not gone live to the public yet, so there’s a good chance that the website is the same way.

Things are definitely getting interesting, though. First iTunes, now iCloud.com, and iOS 5 should be released sometime this afternoon. Make sure to keep checking back with us throughout the day for the latest updates on Apple’s releases.