Lexus Dealership in Florida Uses Jailbroken iPads for Waiting Customers

Where’s the last place you would expect to find a jailbroken iDevice? A Lexus dealership in Orlando, Florida uses jailbroken iPad stations for customers to use while they wait…

While we’re unaware as to why the employees at this particular Lexus dealership chose to jailbreak their iPads, it’s neat to see the shots of Cydia running on the iPad ‘Stations’ in the dealership’s waiting room.

A ModMyi reader sent in these pics:

“MMi member Auntuell Mills passed us a few pictures reminding us of that exact fact. Mills was at an Orland Lexus dealership and noticed the following little program installed on the iPads being used at the dealership’s “iPad Stations.”

We wonder why Lexus employees chose to jailbreak these iDevices, and if it has something to do with a particular tweak or jailbreak app they found useful. Nevertheless, it’s cool to see real life examples of jailbreaking like this.

Have you found any odd examples of jailbroken iDevices? A local business? Restaurant? We’d love to see more examples like this one!