Apple Wants to Let You Merge Your Apple IDs

Apple wants to let you merge multiple Apple IDs, according to an Apple executive relations employee. Users have voiced complaints about Apple’s confusing policy relating to logins and accessing purchased content through multiple Apple IDs. A remedy for the situation is in the works.

Customers have emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook about the issue, and Apple has confirmed that customers will soon be able to consolidate multiple logins into one unified account.

A MacRumors reader emailed Tim Cook and expressed frustration about having to login with multiple Apple IDs for automatic downloads in iTunes. Apple responded, and it said that it “understood the issue and that more people would run into the problem with iCloud.”

Users that created Apple accounts with an original .mac address, then MobileMe address, and now iCloud address obviously have a problem with multiple logins. Couples with different accounts looking to consolidate their logins would also find an Apple ID merge useful. Currently, when a device is deactivated through iTunes, it takes 90 days before that account can be associated with another device.

There are many different scenarios where one would want to keep the purchased content on one account authenticated while also syncing up content with a newer ID. Apple is requiring that users of iCloud create a new email address to use the service.

Apple doesn’t offer a quick and easy way to switch Apple IDs on either the iPhone or Mac. Hopefully the process will be streamlined moving forward.