The Best Way to Entertain Your Child With Your Expensive iPhone?

There are good ideas in this world, and then there are bad ideas. Giving your $650 iPhone to a young child has to rank amongst one of the worst ideas we’ve heard of for a long while, but that’s exactly what Fisher Price wants us to do. The toy company has created a handy-dandy little iPhone case for that exact purpose.

Dubbed the “Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case” and set to go on sale next month, the case protects your iPhone or iPod touch while a 6-36 month-old child does its best to eat it, drool on it, or do other generally bad things to it…

Once inserted, the iDevice is nigh-on impossible to remove without a coin or similar tool, and the front is covered with a protective plastic. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), the power, volume and home button are not accessible once the device is in the case.

Fisher Price has even created three apps that they believe will keep your child entertained, at least until someone calls you on your newly baby-fied iPhone.

At $15, the Apptivity Case sure is cheaper than buying a new iPhone or iPod touch. But surely there are other, less expensive toys to give a baby?

Perhaps some sort of Android phone?

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