Contre Jour by Chillingo is a Hauntingly Beautiful Game for the iPhone and iPad

Chillingo has quite a variety of games in the App Store. It looks like their newest game, Contre Jour, may soon be the staple title for those looking for something more than a casual gaming experience.

This gorgeously designed puzzle game ups the App Store anty for creativity and artistry in game development, and it does so in a simply designed game that it makes you wonder if other devs are sleeping on the job.

Contre Jour welcomes players to a dream-like, animated world of inky darkness and beautiful aesthetic.  In the game, it’s your job to help a mysterious little fellow called Petit…

Petit may not sound like an exciting hero, but Contre Jour somehow makes it so.  Petit’s goal is to exit each level safely, and the player must use the tools at his or her disposal to safely swing to the goal.  These tools are, more often than not, other Petit-like creatures.

The creatures share the one-eyeball syndrome that is epidemic in the Contre Jour universe; they have different talents which will help Petit progress.  Rubbery arms swing Petit safely along, while some will directly carry Petit from one point to another.  Petit will also need to be on the lookout for blue-white orbs, which should be absorbed or collected along the way.

The controls are mainly drag and drop; the challenge in Petit’s puzzles comes down to predicting Contre Jour’s physics and outwitting the tricky landscape.  Players will also need to experience each new situation solving tool (or creature) as it’s presented to get the hang of utilizing the game’s dynamics.

Contre Jour sets out to be art-like and haunting, and it acheives this goal without looking like it’s tried too hard.  The challenge of the puzzles presented won’t rack your brain entirely, but they do give enough challenge to go beyond the typical, Doodle Jump-like, casual gaming experience.

I was quickly hooked by Contre Jour and found it difficult to put down before beating the game, which was all too soon in my opinion.  It could have had more content, but the content it had was of such exceptional quality I can’t lodge a true complaint.

It’s a clever game with beautiful visuals and a soundtrack to match. That said, you’re only going to love Contre Jour if the style appeals to you.


If you find yourself drooling over that trailer, Contre Jour is likely to please.  If you find it just too strange or plain unattractive, steer clear.

Contre Jour for iPhone is $0.99 in the App Store. The HD iPad version will cost you $2.99. It’s worth it. As an experience, it’s more than worth it. Petit is waiting for you.