LaunchPort Accessory Lets You Wirelessly Charge Your iPad From a Wall Mount

Inductive charging is all the rage these days, since Palm brought the technology to the masses with its Pre and accompanying Touchstone accessory. Since then, various third-party manufacturers have released docks and cases for iPhones that allow charging without the need for pesky wires.

Now, LaunchPort goes one step further, allowing iPad 2s to be be charged while being literally hung on a wall…

Coming in both a wall-mounted and desktop dock, LaunchPort by iPort offers a unique charging solution.

In order to show off the LaunchPort WallStation and BaseStation properly, iPort has created this wonderfully over-acted commercial for our viewing pleasure. Once you get past the scary smiling people, you can see just how useful a wall-mounted iPad charging station could be.


There’s one downside to all this, and that’s the price. Running at $200 each, the two charging stations ain’t cheap.

Then there’s the required case, which runs at $150. At $550 for the complete set, we aren’t talking about a cheap solution. But if you’re the kind of person willing to make holes in your wall in order to make this kind of thing work, then we suspect the price won’t put you off!