iPads Beginning to Infiltrate UK Schools

Apple’s iPad is starting to pop up in all kinds of places, from American Football clubs, to schools. Now, iPads are beginning to infiltrate schools in the UK.

According to The Telegraph, Longfield Academy in Kent is offering pupils the chance to use iPads during the coming school year, beginning in September. The move will see pupils using iPads as interactive learning tools, with tech support provided by the school itself…

“The school said that the weight of the iPad and its battery life made it ideal for children to use for learning at home as well as through the school day. In return for a donation from parents, children will have access to an iPad 2 with a protective case, a range of apps plus insurance and technical support.”

As always, nothing in life is free, and pupils’ parents will need to hand over £170 ($277) in order to receive an iPad for the year. The program will be available to 500 pupils of varying ages.

Perhaps the next logical step is running classes remotely using FaceTime?

We can only dream!