iOS 5 Concept Video Demos Long List of Awesome Features and Enhancements

iOS 5 will be unveiled alongside iCloud and the next iPhone to the public this Fall, and non-developers are clamoring to get their hands on Apple’s next major version of iOS. Apple has added a long list of new features to iOS 5 that greatly enhance the experience on both the iPhone and iPad. But there’s always room for more innovation.

We’ve come across a nice concept video that showcases a boatload of possible features for iOS 5. Check it out after the break…


Features in the video include:

  • Persistent notifications in the status bar
  • Third party widget management through Notification Center
  • Collapsable notifications in Notification Center
  • Unobtrusive incoming call notifications
  • App icons changing on the springboard based on different notifications
  • Better app and widget management
  • Widgets in Spotlight search window
  • Fast app switching with Mac OS X-style gestures
  • New touch gestures for managing open applications
  • iPhone and Mac joined through WiFI connection

We’ve seen iOS 5 concept videos before, but this one definitely packs the most features in a single vid. Hopefully Apple will continue to add features similar to these in future updates. How cool would it be to text from your Mac’s menubar?

[Thanks, Mayur!]