iPhone 4 Beginning to Eat Android’s Lunch on Verizon

Apple’s iPhone 4 has only been on sale on Verizon for around 6 months, but it’s already stealing Android’s lunch money, according to new stats from Chitika Insights this week.

The drop in Android sales since the iPhone 4 landed on Verizon’s doorstep sees Google’s mobile OS share dropping from 51.4% to 41.1% …

Many wondered just how many Android owners on Verizon were waiting for an iPhone to come to their carrier of choice, and were merely using an Android handset because it was preferable to anything on AT&T. According to these new numbers, it looks like many Verizon users were waiting for an iPhone option.

Speaking of AT&T – since the company lost its iPhone exclusivity, the carrier has been on something of an Android drive, clearly attempting to get in on a market it so sorely missed out on, thanks to its close affiliation with Apple. Despite its shift in focus, however, AT&T is still very much an iPhone-centric affair when it comes to its customers, with 76.1% of them preferring Apple’s smartphone.

Verizon’s Android figures are understandably higher, with just 23.9% of the CDMA network belonging to the iPhone..