What Are the U.S. President and V.P. Doing on This iPhone 4?

It’s no secret that the government is working on upgrading its handheld communications gear. Back in May, we reported on a Washington Post article that claimed that government officials were ditching their aging BlackBerry devices for ones powered by iOS.

Above is evidence that the government’s 2.0 movement is already in full swing, as the President and Vice President are spotted using an iPhone 4 in the Outer Oval Office of the White House…

Published via the White House Flickr feed, the photo depicts U.S. President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden holding an iPhone 4. And whatever is on the 3.5″ Retina screen seems to be quite entertaining.

According to the description of the photo, the pair are looking at an iPhone application. Like the folks over at 9to5Mac, we’re pretty curious as to what app could have the leaders of the Free World giggling like little school girls. Angry Birds? GodFinger?

What app do you think it is?