Retrofy Your iDevice with VinylLove Pocket

Out of all the media types that have come and gone, vinyl is the only one that I’ve truly missed.

Now,  in the days of MP3s and digital content, who would ever want to hear the crackle of the needle or have to flip an oversized disc every 6 or so songs? Well, it’s not as small a group as you would think, and vinyl records are starting to make a comeback.

Thanks to a new app by developer Color Monkey, we can have all the perks and fun of playing a record without any of the work.

VinylLove is a fun app to play your music. It transforms your iPod library into a collection of vinyls…

Upon opening the app, you will be taken to your very own phonograph with the velvet padding and arm securely placed in its stand (to not damage the needle of course). Tap the top right of the screen and you will be taken to a bunch of milk crates, (seriously,) filled with record sleeves of all your iTunes music.

Pick the album that you want, and it will automatically start playing. You can pick up the arm and the move it to whichever track you’d fancy. The record itself will highlight the tracks in brown and will show section lengths on a drop down menu on top.

After choosing the song, the brown highlight and drop down menu will disappear, the crackle will start, and you are ready to turn your iDevice into a musical time machine.

This app is definitely a novelty, and it’s certainly not perfect. One issue is that, whenever you go into the record selection screen, if you try just flipping through record by record, most of the time it flips two or three at a time. If you scroll too quickly through the crates, it will make the records disappear and takes a little bit to load back.

It’s quite a simple app, so there’s only so much that could be wrong with it. Hopefully the devs will push out an update to fix the issues listed above (they already did one to improve loading speed).

VinylLove is still a really fun app, and it’s definitely great for showing off. So, let your inner hipster shine and grab this app for $0.99.

Have any of you tried this app out? Let us know what you think below!