Walmart’s “Vudu” Bypasses the App Store and Releases a Web App

Walmart’s video streaming service Vudu‘s got a new app. But don’t look for it in the App Store because you won’t find it there. Instead, Vudu is a web app that can be accessed directly from your browser.

Being unwilling to play Apple’s revenue sharing game, Vudu decided that going the browser way was going to be a better move, allowing them to save that 30% Apple collects from everything sold in the App Store…

The other benefit of using a web app is that Vudu can be updated any time the company wants to. There is no lengthy approval process to go through and maybe most importantly, no limit to what you can have the app do.

And it looks like Vudu is not the only one trying to bypass Apple. Amazon released a web based version of their Kindle app, which will work on PC/Mac, and iPad.

You can’t blame these companies for trying to get away from Apple’s control, can you?