Developers Get Green Light to Start Migrating MobileMe Accounts to iCloud

This Fall season is going to be huge for a certain Cupertino company. With several product refreshes expected along with a new mobile OS and cloud storage system launch, it’s safe to say that Apple has a big couple of months ahead of them.

Apple hit a couple of semi-major milestones yesterday in their march for September. They released version 5 of their iOS 5 Beta, and they also gave the green light for developers to start migrating their MobileMe accounts over to iCloud… is now available for MobileMe users to migrate their accounts over to the new iCloud service. You can bring over your Mail, Contacts and Calendar info. You can also continue using MobileMe services like iWeb and Photo Gallery through 2o12.

The cool part? Apple is letting MobileMe customers keep their 20GB of storage in addition on top of the free 5 GB they’ll receive in iCloud. So right off the bat, they will be offered 25 GB of space.

Users have been reporting that the transition is pretty seamless, not to mention how much better iCloud is — even in beta form — than its predecessor. So if you’re a developer, and have been holding out on iCloud because of your MobileMe account, head on over to and try it out.

Thoughts? Is iCloud a major improvement over MobileMe?