Report Claims iPad 2 Price Drop, iPad 3 Prices Similar to Previous Model

If rumor mill-chatter isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to move on to the next posting. There’s no doubt that the anticipation for upcoming Apple products has grown to an epically-annoying level.

However, for folks interested in Apple’s next tablet, an interesting report surfaced yesterday that might peak your interest. BGR details an article from Taiwan Economic News, which makes some intriguing claims about the future of Apple’s tablet…

Over the last few months, rumors of Apple launching a 3rd slate this Fall have really ramped up. Up to this point, most of the speculation has pointed to the iPad 3 as being a Pro model of sorts. With a sharper screen than its predecessor, the tablet was expected to be an addition to the current lineup.

However, according to this new report from BGR, that may not be the case. Their information claims that Apple is planning to launch the iPad 3 at a similar price point to previous models, and will discount the iPad 2 to clear out inventory.

The new rumor actually makes for an interesting theory. Think about it: the iPad 2 in itself is fine. Apple could make it thinner and lighter. And they could certainly do something about those cameras. But what else could be changed with current technology?

So since there’s no need for a major redesign, why would Apple have to wait another year to release a new tablet? Dropping in a new display and higher resolution cameras can’t take a full 12 months, so why wouldn’t Apple release an updated model to stay on top of the competition if they could?

Although I’m still skeptical of Apple launching another iPad this year, the idea intrigues me. It’s easy to forget that there is no rulebook to Apple’s strategies. And as hot as tablets are right now, an iPad 3 right before the holidays (along with discounted iPad 2s) may not be such a bad idea.