Make Your iPad 2 Look Just Like a Nintendo Gameboy

Those of a certain age will remember the good old days of the Nintendo Gameboy. The 3DS and DS’ Grandfather was a boxy, black and white (well, more green, actually) affair, none of this headache-inducing 3D whizz-bangery here.

If you remember the device in question and don’t think I’ve finally lost the plot, then you might just like an upcoming iPad 2 case, courtesy of Lootiful.

As with Lootiful’s iPhone 4 case, the iPad equivalent offers protection from bumps and scratches while presenting a retro appeal for those of us old  enough to remember the golden age of gaming…

No price or expected release date have been given for the iPad 2 version of the iPWN! case yet, though the iPhone 4 model does retail for a surprisingly low $18.

As with all good cases, the iPad 2’s functionality is not hindered by its installation, with the camera, volume buttons, rotation lock all accesible. The entire front of the iPad 2 is completely unaffected, though that does also mean no protection is afforded.

Keep an eye on the product website and do let us know if you see a release data pop up!

[Akihabara News]