Introducing the iPhone 4 Personal Cooling Device

Apple is no stranger to finding fakes of its products being sold around the globe. Hell, there’s even been entire Apple stores cloned.

Thankfully, the latest iPhone look-a-like isn’t actually trying to be an iPhone at all, but we’re fairly sure you couldn’t guess what it actually is, at least from the front.┬áThis overly-thick iPhone-wannabe is actually a personal cooling device, or fan to you and me…

Modeled after the white iPhone 4, the fan brings a touch of class to your cooling needs, though we’re sure Mr Ive won’t be rushing out to get his hands on one.


Operation is super-simple: Remove the rear cover, remove the included sponge, and get it nice and wet using your watering device of choice. Once you’ve given the aforementioned sponge a quick squeeze to remove the excess moisture, return it the inside of your oversized iPhone and switch it on by pressing the home button.

And presto! Lovely, cool air.

The whole shebang is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be juiced up via USB.

We so want one of these. Maybe two, even. At $10 a piece, it’s a no brainer.