Jailbreak Community Reaches Out to Comex, You Should Too

If you haven’t been following the progress of the iPad 2 jailbreak, let me give you a brief history. Within days of the device launching, iDevice specialists like Comex and other members of the Dev and Chronic Dev teams had their iPad 2s hacked.

The actual jailbreak part of the process was never really an issue. It was trying to bundle the exploit into a stable, legal package that would be easy enough for the general public to use…

When the iPad 2 launched, Comex himself seemed to be the frontrunner. He tweeted his progress on a regular basis and told the community that he would release his exploit when iOS 4.3.1, as he didn’t want to show Apple his cards before the update.

It turns out, waiting kind of backfired on him. The hole that his exploit used was patched by Apple in iOS 4.3.1 and Comex was back at square one. Disappointed, the iDevice hacker kind of took a step back from jailbreaking for a bit.

It seemed like months went by, with no word from Comex or any kind of progress on the jailbreak 2. We heard murmurs out of p0sixninja and his progress, but nothing ever seemed to materialize.

Fast forward to earlier this month, when rumors started floating around that Comex was once again working on the iPad 2 jailbreak. The hacker seems to have found another PDF exploit, and is working on a jailbreak solution that is as simple as visiting a website.

Now as Comex enters the home stretch, with the entire community watching, several folks have reached out to the lone hacker to tell him thanks. A website has been set up entitled freemyipad.com, to show Comex that the community appreciates all of his hard work.

For doing something so big for some many people, and not asking for a single thing back. For constantly putting up with the hundreds of tweets he receives each day that say stuff like “hurry up” and “are you finished yet?”

iDB encourages you to visit the webpage and say a quick thank you. Chances are, you’ll be using his jailbreak very soon.