3 Beautiful Notification Center Concepts

The iOS 5 Notification Center has been getting a lot of attention lately in the jailbreak community. Third party widgets have already been made available that mirror functionality in tweaks like SBSettings. Themes are starting to get introduced for different widgets, and several concepts have surfaced that re-think the look of the Notification Center itself.

We’ve gathered three of the best Notification Center concepts, and they look beautiful. Let’s hope that jailbreak devs will start distributing themes like these for Notification Center in iOS 5…

Notify by Jay Moon

Glossy by gildedsplinter

by Jeff Broderick

These themes are merely concepts, but we hope to see them available for use one day.

Here’s the current design of Notification Center:

It looks ok, but theming would be a huge addition for this interface in iOS 5. The jailbreak community will surely be there to help out.

Do you like these concepts? How do you think Notification Center should look?