Sn0wbreeze Updated to 2.8b1, Now Supports iOS 5 Jailbreak

Apple announced a major software update for iDevices last week, iOS 5. The new firmware will introduce over 200 new features in iOS, and is expected to seriously impact the jailbreak community.

But jailbreakers haven’t skipped a beat since the beta version of iOS 5 rolled out last Monday. Within 24 hours of the release, jailbreak software was updated to support the new firmware. Now you can add Sn0wbreeze to that list of iOS 5 compatible tools…

As with the RedSn0w update, the Sn0wbreeze jailbreak for iOS 5 beta is only available in tethered form. This means you’ll need to be by a computer during reboots, as you’ll essentially have to re-jailbreak each time the device restarts.

This shouldn’t be too big of deal for the time being though, since the only ones who are supposed to have copies of iOS 5 are developers (and even they’re not really supposed to be using it on their main device).

But nevertheless, folks who are running the beta and are looking for a way to jailbreak it, check out Sn0wbreeze. The easy to use software works with all iOS 5 compatible devices, except the iPad 2 of course, and enables you to play with new tweaks like UISettings.

Sn0wbreeze 2.8b1 is for Windows only and can be downloaded here. If you need a refresher on how to jailbreak your iDevice with Sn0wbreeze, feel free to check out our tutorial here.

Any questions?