The Art of Deception, Told By the iPod Touch

Videos like this remind us how “magical” Apple’s products really are. If you’ve haven’t seen a good magic act in awhile, you’ll appreciate this presentation called, “iPod Magic – Deceptions.”

Marco Tempest, or “The Virtual Magician,” shows off some of his handiwork with a few iPod touches. It’s not your typical set of magic tricks, and the whole presentation has an interesting message as well…

Marco talks about the art of deception¬†and how the human mind prefers to be “tricked” in today’s society. Did we mention that he does this with some mind-blowing iPod interaction and special effects?

Marco has put the app that he used to sync up those three iPods as a free download in the App Store. It’s called MultiVid, and it allows you to synchronize multiple iPhone/iPod touch screens at once. The app is designed for video playback on multiple devices, like this presentation demonstrates. You can read more about MultiVid here.

Pretty cool video, huh?