What’s Hiding Behind This WWDC Secret Banner?

A secret banner was spotted at WWDC this morning by Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch. What could be hiding behind this banner? A new logo for iOS? Or maybe some new hardware to go along with the new iOS 5?

Ok, to be honest, I think there will be a new iPhone today. Let my imagination go wild here for a bit. I think the new iPhone is going to look exactly like the iPhone 4, with obviously more power under the hood. I think Steve Jobs is going to make his presentation using this new iPhone 5, and at the end of the keynote, he’s going to say: “one more thing, you’ve watched me do this whole presentation on our new iPhone 5″…

You think I’m crazy? I think it wouldn’t be surprising. And I believe that following last year’s iPhone 4 debacle with Gizmodo, Apple went out of its way to make sure the iPhone 5 was a complete secret, which would be why we didn’t hear the usual reports about Apple ordering parts and what not.

Now let me take this tinfoil hat off my head.

What do you think?