Apple Takes Over, Big Things Coming Monday

Apple has taken complete ownership of the domain After announcing that Steve Jobs would unveil Apple’s “upcoming cloud services offering” Monday at WWDC, Cupertino has sealed the deal by totally taking over the new service’s web address.

The media jumped on the name “iCloud” awhile ago when it was discovered that Apple was looking to buy the domain. Now the deal is done, and iCloud is almost a reality.

To the tune of $4.5 million, now belongs to Apple Inc. The domain was previously registered to Xcerion.

Apple hasn’t redirected the URL to its site yet, and if you visit it will still take you to Xcerion’s renamed service. Nothing interesting will most likely happen with this domain until Monday when Jobs unveils iCloud to developers and the media at WWDC.

If you’d like to learn more about iCloud, check this out.

Who’s ready for Monday’s keynote?