Apple Insider heard from “people familiar with Apple’s plans” that part of the iCloud features may be offered free of charge to those Mac users who upgrade to Mac OS X Lion.

My assumption is that iCloud will be MobileMe’s replacement and in addition to offering email, remote file storage, calendar and contact syncing, iCloud will also let people stream their own iTunes library…

The rumor going around is that MobileMe’s services will be rebranded as iCloud and will be offered for free to Mac OS X Lion users. Because Apple has to pay a hefty price for music licensing, it’s safe to believe every user will have to pay for this service, after a free trial period.

Apple Insider believes that Mac OS X Lion will be offered at a very low price and downloadable via the Mac App Store to remove any kind of barrier to entry. These are just rumors but they do make a lot of sense to me.

What do you think?