Brilliant Marketing: Apple’s $1 Billion Data Center Magically Appears on Google Maps

Up until today, if you looked for Apple’s billion dollar data center in North Carolina on Google Maps, you could not find it. The location was there but it just showed some farmlands and nothing much around.

Things have changed. As of now, you can see Apple’s North Carolina data center on Google Maps, and it seems to be one of the latest satellite images of it. So why didn’t this data center show up on Google Maps before?

You know there is a meaning behind everything Apple does. It’s all about marketing.

Apple surprised everyone yesterday by unveiling its new iCloud service prior to the WWDC event, generating a massive buzz for the new cloud offering. And now, to keep the buzz buzzing, they asked Google to lift the curtain that was making the data center not visible on Google Maps. It’s subtle. It’s classy. It’s Apple.

At this point, it seems that the two questions remaining are: what, and how much? What will iCloud entail? How much will this service cost? Two questions that will find answers next Monday.

In the meantime, you may click here to see Apple’s data center on Google Maps.