RockLive – Building Apps for Celebrities and Someday Maybe You

Designing and building your own iOS application can be a tough task. Aside from needing programming experience, you also need other skills like graphic design and project planning.

Well if build-your-own-app services like AppMakr won’t solve your dilemma, maybe these guys can help. Brothers John and Sam Shahidi took all the success from their popular RunPee app, and well, ran with it…

Though the free app was built simply to alert folks of the perfect potty time during movies, it gave the brothers the experience to startup their own company called RockLive. The firm was founded to help sports celebrities develop their own iOS apps.

As TUAW reports, their first 2 clients were Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals and popular, retired boxer Mike Tyson. Their title, Mike Tyson : Main Event, has since been download nearly a million times.

Now that their business is booming and the staff has multiplied 10-fold, the duo are reportedly looking to expand outside of sports into music and other areas. Maybe one day they’ll even be building you an app. I could see personalized app making becoming a popular service in the next 5 years.

iDB wants to know, what would your own personal app do?