Survey Finds AT&T and T-Mobile Customer Satisfaction the Worst in the Industry

An interesting piece of non-informative information from the Associated Press quoting a survey (I can’t seem to find an actual link to this survey) that found AT&T and T-Mobile at the bottom of ratings in customer satisfaction.

AT&T haters will rejoice whereas those like me who have always had great experience with AT&T customer service will be wondering how this is possible…

According to the survey, both Sprint and Verizon rank at the top of the ratings with a score of 72 in customer satisfaction. AT&T scored 66, while T-Mobile scored a 70. These numbers almost make sense until you read the fine prints of the survey.

This survey has a margin of error of 3 points. That means that Verizon adjusted score could either be 75 or a 69. Likewise, AT&T score could be a 63 or a 69. So, taking this margin of error into account, it proves that this survey doesn’t actually prove anything at all as the lowest rating company – AT&T – might have actually scored as well as the best rated one – Verizon or Sprint.

So at the end of the day, I think it’d be more fair to call it even, wouldn’t it?