iPhone 4 Wins “Display of the Year” Award

We all love the iPhone 4’s brilliant retina display. When Apple introduced their ground-breaking, 640×960 display during the iPhone 4’s launch event, the rest of the mobile display market was left in the dust. After all, how can you compete with a screen that matches the same pixel density perceivable by the human eye?

Besides the obvious appeal to consumers, the retina display has also garnered Apple the “Display of the Year Gold Award” from The Society for Information Display…

“This year, Apple extended its track record of revolutionizing personal communications technology with the introduction of the industry-leading iPhone 4 Retina display. Packing four times the number of pixels into the same 3.5-in. dia. screen found on earlier iPhone models, the 640×960-pixel Retina display set a new benchmark for mobile display resolution, low power consumption and image quality.

Utilizing Mobile IPS (in-plane switching) technology, the iPhone 4 Retina display achieves a viewing angle superior to conventional mobile LCDs, providing an enhanced viewing experience for the end user in virtually any application.”

It’s very true that the retina display’s viewing angle is one of the best of any mobile handset. The incredibly high resolution display also knocks the socks off its competitors with overall quality and battery consumption.

SID also praised the iPad’s “innovative multi-touch user interface and unique system design.” Apple’s tablet won the “Display Application of the Year Gold Award.”

Apple definitely hit a home run with the retina display, and they deserve recognition for such an innovate piece of technology. When you hold an iPhone 4 and non-retina iDevice side by side, the screen quality is always the most notable difference.

Do you think Apple has room for improvement with their retina display? Would you like to see a larger screen in the next iPhone? I think the retina display is already pretty perfect.

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